Setup VPN on a Boxee Box

Have you ever bought the new shiny Boxee Box apparatus by DLink this Cyber Monday?

Clearly the primary thing you want is investigate its inner workings to take it apart and see what it is actually capable of. It’s possible for you to see all of your favorite films, TV shows, episodes, webisodes on Hulu Netflix, Crackle or BBC iPlayer . But, to get the better of the geo-constraints you’ll require a VPN. VPN is the most rapid and safe VPN that’s exceptionally compatible with Boxee Carton apparatus.


First, I would like to give one terrible news to you. Now, OpenVPN is unavailable with this apparatus. The apparatus does not come for the TUN/TAP device, OpenVPN’s necessity.

So, moving on! It’s possible for you to setup PPTP VPN. That is usually a reasonably quick, yet a risky VPN protocol.

OK! Letthe see the best way to setup VPN on Boxee Box.
Measure #1

Login to your own Boxee Box apparatus and await the House Display to load.

Step # 2

Grab your remote control and press ‚Alternative‘ button.

Step # 3

Press the ‚Up‘ arrow to emphasize the Settings ‚cog‘ icon. Press ‚Ok‘ and you will see this display.

Measure # 4

Choose ‚Network‘ icon with right arrow and hit ‚OK‘.

About the ‚Network Settings‘ display, use the ‚Down‘ arrow so that you can emphasize ‚VPN‘.

Measure # 5

On the right hand side place following parameters,

Connection kind – PPTP
Server – Choose any PPTP server from provided ‚Server Collection‘ list. Click the link for the entire list!
Account – Input your VPN username given by VPN
Password – Input your VPN password given by VPN
Encryption Needed – Assess (for quicker Streaming)

*If your set up does not work with ‚Encryption‘ unchecked, you may attempt by enabling the choice.

Eventually, click ‚Connect‘ and this may shift to ‚Disconnect‘, indicating a successful VPN connection in your Boxee Carton!

You’re now allocated with the IP address out of your selected place, and all of your traffic is completely encrypted with VPN.

It is also possible to choose assistance to set up VPN from this video tutorial.