BitCannon: Download Torrent Websites to make use of Offline

When torrent sites go offline numerous users are disappointed using the downtime but what if one could duplicate a torrent website and run it? Using a brand new tool called BitCannon as well as a couple of clicks, which is a fact. We catch up with its originator.

Attacks on torrent sites really are a routine event. That is been the case for well over a decade and isn’t unlikely to finish anytime soon. Consequently individuals are looking at strategies to create them more resistant.

Mirrors and proxies helped keep The Pirate Bay accessible in the face of innumerable internet blocks. And now, jobs like Open Bay as well as other clones that are sundry keep the site’s spirit alive during its lengthy downtime.

They rely on other individuals taking the initiative while these jobs are of interest. Torrent site preservation is, nevertheless, brought by a fresh open source software to the hands of everyone using a PC.

The concept behind BitCannon is clear-cut. The program enables users import and to download torrent website contents right into a database hosted on a machine that is local. From there users have the ability to browse and search torrents utilizing a web browser in much they same manner as they can on the website itself. Torrents may then be downloaded using any compatible torrent client and magnet links over a good vpn service for bittorrent downloads of course.

We caught up with BitCannon originator Stephen Smith after obtaining a nearby copy of KickassTorrents up and running.

„“ Stephen’m a self taught web developer now in school studying computer science. I have been fascinated by BitTorrent and its own decentralized nature,“ Stephen told TF.

„With BitCannon, I’m expecting to lessen the incentive of taking down torrent websites by motivating users to use the website archives, and it is my hope that this will further motivate more torrent websites to provide complete site archives.“

Now merely some of websites offer these archives (notably Demonoid and KickassTorrents) but they’re offered and are not difficult use and to download BitCannon continues to be installed.

Downloaded site databases, which be seen in almost any web browser, are presented in a clean and clear-cut format. The picture below shows BitCannon running a KickassTorrents dump of torrents uploaded in the previous 24 hours.

BitCannon is definitely quickly. Stephen says searches on database could be finished in about 10 ms fast enough for many users, while evaluations with a 24 hour dump were remarkable.

BitCannon is now on Github and open source. Stephen says your choice to go this course was an apparent one.

„I need BitCannon to be beneficial to folks, and that i need it to be clear i do not mean to benefit off of it, although I determined to have a donate button because the domain name did cost money and I am a college student,“ he says.

„“ Stephen also would like to enable visitors to use BitCannon as they please with no limitations, in hopes that even if a person wished to rebrand it and put it to use to host their very own public torrent website, they may achieve this with nominal difficulty.“

And that is another trick. Stephen says in addition to private use he expects that BitCannon will prove flexible enough to offer public facing variations of cloned websites to lower the barrier of entry for those sites that are courageous enough to host their very own torrent over a vpn hoster, unless they’re using a cloud torrent provider.

BitCannon functions nicely but is still in development, so you’ll find a number of problems to be ironed out. The setup procedure might be automated along with the browse page sometimes takes some time to load when databases include several million torrents. Seeder/leecher counts are also on the to-do list as is a completely embedded database rather.

„What would be ideal, 85 believe, is if more torrent sites allowed users to download archive files AND if more users downloaded these archive files. Taking down torrent websites would subsequently have less and less of an impact,“ Stephen says.

BitCannon’s originator is thankful for the invaluable help he is received from pal Casey Nordcliff and is is calling on the city to aid the job along.

„BitCannon is not 100% generation prepared, but I had like to encourage BitTorrent enthusiasts to try it out and provide feedback on how I can make it more useful and simpler to use,“ Stephen reasons.

BitCannon may be downloaded with directions found here here for Linux, Windows and Mac. For first testing we advise use of a daily dump as opposed to website databases that are complete.

Is anonymous file sharing possible?

The Internet provides the opportunity to download pictures, music and videos on file sharing exchanges. In many cases, however, follows a rude awakening on the foot, namely, when a lawyer sends an extensive correspondence, in which money is required for a warning. By then, the surfer is clear that he is not anonymous on the way the network and its IP address to the attorney’s very well known and he also knows exactly which side is when visited.

Who wants to protect their privacy on the Internet, is the one who turns to a VPN provider like Hide my Ass or others. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and means that the surfer exchanges its IP address with the IP address of the supplier. So he surfs with his address but no longer with the address of the supplier on the Internet. Should a lawyer show interest in his browsing behavior, then his efforts come to nothing, because the VPN provider shall not disclose information to third parties. VPN providers usually have very many – usually several thousand – addresses in the range. The surfer from Germany is then an identity from Russia or America from the road and has of course also have access to the information, which is sometimes accessible only surfer from these countries.

Anyone looking for a very fast VPN provider who uses a portal is best to be compared with each other on the different providers. File sharing is in very many providers, but not all, possible. In addition, the surfer gets even more detailed information on the number of available IPs if a download is possible without limit and of course the payment options offered are listed.

So who often operates filesharing or otherwise places great value on undetected to surf the net, for it is important to turn to a VPN provider, because only he has the assurance that his actions in the network not a lawyer is logged and he later holds a reminder in your hands.