The Best 5 VPN Providers for Android

VPN is basically a Virtual Private Network. This is used to widen a private network across a public network. This technique enables people to connect and share items between computers connected in a public network as though they are in a private network. For example, computers connected together in the internet.

There are numerous VPN providers in the market today. However, there are several factors to consider before settling on any of these. One important factor is whether the provided Virtual Private Network is compatible with the computer’s operating system. Android is arguably one of the best operating systems today. For better service, the VPN must be compatible with this operating system or provide some apps to access it more easily.

A myriad of VPN providers offer services for android operating system. A lot less offer Iphone / Ipad VPN Services. Nevertheless, 5 of them stand out as the best in the market.

Golden Frog has released a product, VyprVPN. This is a VPN service compatible with all android OS devices. Security is guaranteed because the company owns 100% of the servers, ensuring that no third parties have access to the shared information. The company also offers online storage known as Dump Truck which gives up to 10MB free online storage.

A Swedish company, Netalia AB, is also a leading VPN provider. Its product, is compatible with android OS. It has no download limit and the maximum speed depends on the computer’s internet connection.

Pure VPN is very popular due to its ability to bypass filters and blocks. People living in areas where there is internet censorship prefer it to other VPN services. It has over 50 servers in 18 different countries. has been operating since 1995. As one of the pioneer companies, it commands a huge following. Boasting of over 348 servers in 19 countries, it is undoubtedly one of the most experienced VPN providers with excellent expertise.

Kepard VPN is a newbie but with excellent service. It has all the features and functions in a package. It boasts of more than 100 servers in 6 countries after just one year in business.