sh3lls VPN

Sh3lls VPN, now rowdyhost, was a service of Surat IT Company Pte. Ltd., which has its headquarters in Singapore. Under the name Sh3lls several web services are marketed since 2004: Proxy service, web hosting and VPS hosting are also available by Sh3lls. The website is a little confusing, but with a little patience all important information can be found.

The service of sh3lls VPN comes in three packages, which differ in price, protocol and contract period. You can compare them with other VPN services on this website.

Sh3lls currently operates 13 VPN servers in two different countries: U.S. and Russia.

The provider stores so-called connection logs – or more precisely: The original IP address of the costumer, a time stamp of the session and the bandwidth used. Sadly there is no information about how lont the VPN service is storing the logfiles.

Sh3lls VPN is a small VPN service. They only allow 30 users per server to provide the best speed and reliability to their customers. Switching between servers and countries isnt restricted.

Fileshairing/P2P/BittorrentĀ  is allowed on all their servers.