Is anonymous file sharing possible?

The Internet provides the opportunity to download pictures, music and videos on file sharing exchanges. In many cases, however, follows a rude awakening on the foot, namely, when a lawyer sends an extensive correspondence, in which money is required for a warning. By then, the surfer is clear that he is not anonymous on the way the network and its IP address to the attorney’s very well known and he also knows exactly which side is when visited.

Who wants to protect their privacy on the Internet, is the one who turns to a VPN provider like Hide my Ass or others. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and means that the surfer exchanges its IP address with the IP address of the supplier. So he surfs with his address but no longer with the address of the supplier on the Internet. Should a lawyer show interest in his browsing behavior, then his efforts come to nothing, because the VPN provider shall not disclose information to third parties. VPN providers usually have very many – usually several thousand – addresses in the range. The surfer from Germany is then an identity from Russia or America from the road and has of course also have access to the information, which is sometimes accessible only surfer from these countries.

Anyone looking for a very fast VPN provider who uses a portal is best to be compared with each other on the different providers. File sharing is in very many providers, but not all, possible. In addition, the surfer gets even more detailed information on the number of available IPs if a download is possible without limit and of course the payment options offered are listed.

So who often operates filesharing or otherwise places great value on undetected to surf the net, for it is important to turn to a VPN provider, because only he has the assurance that his actions in the network not a lawyer is logged and he later holds a reminder in your hands.