Is anonymous file sharing possible?

The Internet provides the opportunity to download pictures, music and videos on file sharing exchanges. In many cases, however, follows a rude awakening on the foot, namely, when a lawyer sends an extensive correspondence, in which money is required for a warning. By then, the surfer is clear that he is not anonymous on the way the network and its IP address to the attorney’s very well known and he also knows exactly which side is when visited.

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CyberGhost VPN

The quick stats about Cyberghost VPN:

  • Cyberghost Software for connection
  • very fast connections
  • monthly traffic limit
  • clients for Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, Android
  • Downloadlimit: Classic: 20 GB/ month (more than 20 GB: limited to 512 kbit/s)
    Premium: unlimited
  • money back: 2-week cancelation (if the service wasn’t used)
  • 151 IPs in 19 countries (static IPs)
  • Free: 2 MBit/s
    Premium: 6 MBit/s
    Premium Plus: unlimited
  • Open VPN, PPTP
  • logs: timestamp and generated data volume
  • 128-Bit-AES
  • location: Romania
  • Servers: 64

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BlackLogic VPN

BlackLogic VPN was founded in Canada in 2006. These are the quick stats:

  • reliable server-connectivity
  • clients: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
  • no downloadlimit
  • filesharing only on dutch servers
  • money back: 7 days (only if the service was unavailable)
  • 128-256 bit AES
  • providerlogs? yes, “security logs”
  • 350 servers

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